Custom Web Applications

Custom Web Applications

If you can dream it, we can develop it. That has been our mantra since 1997. The purpose of employing the Internet in business is to streamline solutions – work smarter not harder. The custom web applications from eCreations makes that possible.

Whatever your need, we can make it happen and it all starts with Application Architecture, sometimes called Systems Architecture. Think of it as the blueprint; you wouldn’t start building a house without one.

Our goal is to fully understand your challenges, current needs, future plans and design your custom web application accordingly. We examine your goals, then take your wish list of features and design them in detail, considering every variable. Leaving nothing to interpretation for developers saves you time and money.

We leave no room for “scope-creep.” Huh? What is “scope-creep”?

Sometimes called “requirement creep” refers to uncontrolled changes or growth of a project’s scope. This often occurs when a project is not clearly defined and documented. As the scope of the project grows or changes, more tasks must be completed and often cause cost and schedule over-runs.

We’ve all heard the story of the developer who said “No problem. $5,000 and two weeks.” Three months and $10,000 later the product has still not been released. This usually happens because the developer did not fully understand the project and/or the expectations were not clearly defined.

Our process ensures this does not happen.

No scope-creep here!